Pastor Klueg is on vacation beginning Memorial Day,and will be back on Monday, June 1. Pastor Hopper will be bringing the Word of God in our May 31 morning service. Instrument practice after the service!

Don't forget the fellowship dinner this coming Sunday at 5:30 pm! Nota Bene: this will be at BCON Corner, not at the main church building!

Membership and baptism class will begen on June 1, in Pastor Klueg's office, during the 8:45 Sunday school hour.


Preached Sunday, May 24, 2015 by Pastor George Hopper

A Blessed Nation, or Not ...



Sunday morning, May 24, 2015

Pastor George Hopper


A Blessed Nation, or Not ...

Psalm 33:17

Introduction:  “Comittment demonstrated at the Cross”

  I.  Blessed is the Nation:

     A.  Spiritual Blessings

     B.  Physical Blessings

 II.  God is the Lord

     A.  What is happening?

         1.  Allowing government to regulate morality

        2.  Individual freedom only free if it conforms to government

III.  America needs Jesus Christ

     A.  Think Rightly about God (Psalm 11:4)

     B.  Be willing to engage the enemy!