1930 Financial Report

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These were found among Celia Smith's papers and recently shared with us. The "Financial report" is from 1930, during the Great Depression. The two smaller "Statement" cards have no date. I'm guessing they are from the 1920s. I think it is safe to conclude they are earlier, based on the smaller amounts for pastor's salary, insurance, incidentals, and janitor. Notice also that the earlier statements call the position "sexton" rather than "janitor." I suppose that sounds classier, but the salary of the "janitor" was more than twice the sexton's! It looks as thought the price of wood/fuel more than doubled, too, from $50/year to $120. Besides the obvious effects of inflation in the past 87 years, here are some interesting things to note:

1. The amount "required weekly" is more than double the amount that actually came in weekly. But somehow, the church is still here.

2. Our church used to receive annual pledges for giving. I wonder when that ended, and if the issue was controversial.

3. I guess we used to heat with wood

4. It was sure a lot cheaper to repair the roof back then! (Just one more example of inflation)

5. If I am right in juding that the light colored statement comes before the darker one, we went to a larger budget with a *lot* less people pledging.

6.Church membership stood at 130 on the earlier statement, and 120 on the later one. Our present membership stands at 133 active, 9 of non-voting age, and 40 inactive. I'm guessing the numbers from the old statemens include a significant number of inactive members.

Bottom line? Philippians 4:19 "And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus."

God is faithful. He provided for our church during the Great Depression, and He will provide for us now.


1930 Financial Report










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