Wednesday, August 23, 2017


VBX 2017!!

A great week at our Vacation Bible eXperience: Great workers, wonderful kids, and the greatest message ever to share!



Greatly Improved Parking Lots!

Besides the large parking lot on the north side of the church, the Lord has been pleased to provide us two connecting lots to the south of the church. The one entered from First Street came to us as part of our purchas of the Carriage House a few years ago. The lot on Bridge Street was given by the family of Ruth Gifford when she passed away. This lot includes the fenced in green space (dedicated to Ruth) with the playground equipment, and the parking space that connects with the Carriage House lot, and is used throughout the week by the patrons of our good neighbors at Klippel's Kozy Korner. We have spread crushed stone over the area for the past few years for a very temporary fix, and now we are thankful for the Lord's provision to pave both lots. Thank you to the Lord for His goodness, and to those whom the Lord is using to provide for this project. 

Missions Board - April 2017

MissionsOur church missions board held its regular quarterly meeting last night, and we praise the Lord for His supply through your continued faithful support of our missions program. We continue to send over $5,000/month in committed support to our missionaries, plus the designated support many of you also send through the church. Here are the highlights of the meeting:

  1. Reviewed plans for upcoming missonariy speakers: Stephen Marshall (June 18 pm), Duane Frasier (June 25 pm), Glenn Budd (August 6 Sunday school, missions focus, and pm), and Rich & Anna Marshall (VBS missionaries!).
  2. Our late sister Nancy Jensen supported a number of missionaries monthly, including some works that are not othewise supported by our church. In her honor, and because these are particularly worthy ministries, we will now be supporting David Ibrahim and the Talpatratikira church in India for $25/month. This brings our monthly missions commitment to $5,300.
  3. We are giving some financial support to our folk going on short term missions trips this summer (Honduras & Laos).
  4. We are giving financial support to Joshua Case (son of our missionaries Mark & Janet Case) for his ministry this summer at Camp Infinity.
  5. Plans for the October Missions Month were made. 

Again, thank you for your prayer and financial support for the spread of the gospel of Christ to all nations!

Parking Lot Paving

The paving has begun!

Now that spring is hear, the planned paving of our south-side parking lots is underway.

Paving 1

Paving 2

Paving 3